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Ryan Donk and Derdiyok out with injuries

Galatasaray was victorious on Friday night as they beat Bursaspor 5-0 however two of their players were injured by one of their own.

Ryan Donk and Eren Derdiyok are both set to miss the next several matches after their teammate had the unfortunate luck of accidentally injuring them. Younes Belhanda poked Donk in the eye while celebrating the goal Serdar Aziz had scored and later on in the match stepped on Eren Derdiyok’s foot.

After being examined by at Liv Hospital, who are one of Cim Bom’s sponsors, results showed Derdiyok suffered a torn joint capsule in his left foot and will require crutches as well as time off to recover.

Donk on the other hand, also examined in the hospital, was found to have a ruptured conjuctiva in his left eye. The player was seen walking out of the hospital with a patch over the affected eye.

Later on during the day, Donk was seen joking with Belhanda on his social media account.

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