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Aykut Kocaman blasts referee after derby

Aykut Kocaman blasts referees after heated derby

Fenerbahce’s manager Aykut Kocaman had some harsh words for the referee after tonight’s 2-2 draw with Besiktas in the first-leg of the Turkish Cup semi-final at Vodafone Park.

Aykut Kocaman was interviewed by a reporter during the post-match conference and the Turkish manager made sure to get his point across after slightly losing his cool before walking away.

“What can I say? There’s nothing for me to say. There is no point to describe what happened as we stood on the sidelines. To win a match here, is really difficult. It’s important to choose my words carefully. This has become a different place! 3-4 days ago, there was the referee factor again. My reaction isn’t just to the referee, it’s everything. Nobody sees it? This is not how it should be. Kicking, fighting, slapping, fouls without touching…This is not a game like that. The last two matches were officiated by Turkey’s two most experienced referees but they should take a look and see if they feel it? There is always something else happening in the game. “, said the 52-year-old as he walked off before apologizing for raising his voice.

As he walked off the reporter asked his opinion on the red cards, to which Kocaman replied;

“The referee was right 100% about sending off my players, 100%. But there were 2-3 Besiktas players who also deserved to be sent off. I will discipline my own players, but he needs to do his job out there also.”

Clearly frustrated with tonight’s events, Kocaman walked off for good cutting the interview short.

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