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Turkish team uses Google Translate to speak with players

Cermikspor have signed two foreign players but don’t have a translator, so they resort to a smartphone to communicate with their new transfers.

In Eastern Turkey, lower league Cermikspor has made headlines after they signed two young Colombian players but were left red-faced after being unable to communicate with them.

Colombian youngsters Luis Alberto, 21, and Diego Alejandro, 22, signed for Cermikspor, a small club in Turkey’s Super Amateur Lig, but were left scratching their heads after realizing the club does not have a translator who speaks Spanish.

Communication issues resolved.

The club’s management have found a way around the issue, however. They are using a smartphone application, Google Translate, to translate all forms of communication between the players and the club’s staff.

The club’s manager, Haci Eroglu, explained the scenario;

“We transferred two Colombian players but we are having trouble with communication. We understand each other and communicate through a translation application we downloaded for our mobile phones.”

The arrival of the two foreigners was met with joy and enthusiasm in the town of 50,000 people. In fact, the two youngsters have been given the red carpet treatment as they are greeted everywhere they go and offered traditional tea by shops around town.

The youngsters have become local stars.

Alberto and Alejandro said they liked the small town and its residents and have adjusted well despite the minor hiccup.

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