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Trabzonspor are in a financial crisis

Trabzonspor are in a financial crisis

The Black Sea Storm are experiencing tough times due to a crippling financial predicament.

Trabzonspor president Ahmet Agaoglu spoke to Turkish media regarding the club’s financial situation. Speaking to TRT Spor, he explained the severity of the crisis the club is going through.

“Success and team spirit are tied to the economy. Today, players are only playing for money. You don’t know what kind of economic crisis we are facing. In the past, there were domestic players that would be patient with us for 6 months. We are facing a very serious difficulty with payments. If payments are not made then the player loses faith in the management. The team spirit starts with the club’s management. “

Agaoglu was direct with his explanations, revealing the extent of the club’s financial hardship.

“Even if we were to win the league title, we won’t receive a single penny until the end of the year 2023. We did what we could. We tried every year. We will move forward like so. Wherever the road takes us, we will go accordingly,” he said bluntly.

He also spoke briefly on the club’s chances of winning the league this season.

“We didn’t promise a league title but I said we will be in title race. If we play well….but where we will finish in the table, only God knows. If it’s meant to be this year, than it will be.”

The news comes on the back of the recent drama that unfolded between the club’s administration and striker Burak Yilmaz.

The club’s star striker Burak Yilmaz filed an official complaint with the Turkish Football Federation last week, claiming he has not been paid his wages. In response, Trabzonspor’s management stripped the striker of captaincy duties.

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