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FIFA hits Kayserispor with transfer ban

FIFA imposes Kayserispor transfer ban

The Anatolian club will be unable to make any signings in the upcoming winter transfer window.

FIFA have barred Kayserispor from making any signings in the upcoming winter transfer window for the 2018/2019 season, the club announced on their official website on Thursday.

The chairman of the club, Erol Bedir, released a lengthy statement on Friday, assuring fans that even though they are going through a rough period, he believes the club can still manage to achieve success this season.

The transfer ban is a result of several wrongdoings on behalf of the club’s part including Kayserispor’s failure to pay the transfer fees on time for their former player Adnane Tiaghodouini, who joined the Turkish club on a six-month loan from Spanish side Malaga in January 2016 and subsequently left in June of the same year.

In addition to this, during the 2016/2017 season, the club also failed to pay the transfer fees and wages of several players who escalated the matter and filed complaints with FIFA.

In his statement for the press, Bedir said the club will not appeal FIFA’s decision to not risk any further penalties or transfer bans.

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