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Galatasaray block UEFA from investigating finances

Galatasaray block UEFA from investigating finances

The Turkish club have had courts rule in their favour against UEFA.

Galatasaray have had their appeal upheld against UEFA, who wanted to re-open their settled case regarding their finances last year.

The football body’s push for further investigation of the Super Lig club’s finances have been denied by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

In June 2018, UEFA investigators reached an agreement with Galatasaray for the club to be deducted €6 million in prize money and limit their Champions League squad this season to 21 senior players instead of 25.

Judges on UEFA’s club finance panel asked to re-open the investigation in October 2018, provoking Galatasaray’s challenge to CAS. CAS says the the panel missed the deadline to intervene.

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