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Demba Ba enjoying life as a Muslim in Turkey

Demba Ba says he is "free" in Turkey

The former Chelsea striker says he enjoys the freedom in Turkey, particularly as a Muslim.

Super Lig outfit Istanbul Basaksehir’s Senegalese forward Demba Ba says he is very happy to play football in Turkey, a country where people have the freedom to fulfill their religious obligations.

Demba Ba, who is in Austria currently for the club’s pre-season summer training camp, spoke to Turkish news outlet Anadolu Agency on Tuesday.

The striker said his friends questioned his decision for transferring from Premier League giants Chelsea to Turkey’s Besiktas in the past.

“I am a Muslim and work in a Muslim country. I am very happy to fulfill my religious obligations. Turkey provides religious freedom to people. I can go to the mosque in order to pray whenever I want to. Women in Turkey are free to wear their headscarves. If they prefer not to, they don’t have to wear their headscarves. This is something that we don’t see everywhere in the world,” he said.

Demba Ba poses while taking a break from training in Austria.

The 34-year-old footballer says he has witnessed the problems Muslims face in other countries he has played in before.

“I’ve never had trouble. Because everyone knew me very well and no one could judge me because of my religious beliefs. Some managers told Muslims footballers that they should not fast during the month of Ramadan. People also abuse Muslim women who wear the headscarf in public. Those things never happen in Turkey. I repeat, Turkey is a country which provides full freedom. No matter what the foreign press says about Turkey, I live in this country and I am doing my work here. I can easily say that Turkey is not the country which the foreign media portray in their news.”

The Senegalese player believes that Muslim communities cannot express themselves very well.

“My life’s goal is much more than football. There are people in the Western countries who are uncomfortable with the Islamic faith. Muslim countries have been always attacked but the Western countries will never destroy us as long as we remain strong,’’ he also stated.

Source: AA

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