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Terim: Hopefully we can go on like this

Fatih terim speaks about the results

Galatasaray’s Fatih Terim spoke with enthusiasm after their 3-0 win took them to the top of the table.

Fatih Terim “The Emperor”, as he is known, gave his evaluations of the team and their current form after their 3-0 win against Antalyaspor this Monday night.

The manager said he was pleased with the overall performance of the team and their current position in the table. He also acknowledged the support of the fans.

Below are the statements made by Terim:

“It’s nice to win 3-0 and be the leader. Hopefully we can continue like this. The first 45 minutes went well, full of opportunities. I am satisfied with the performance of my players.”

“The second half was not what I wanted nor wished for. But sometimes that’s what happens. We created danger with the opportunities we had and we got the 3 points. Even though it’s a small advantage, being the leader is a nice thing. Hopefully we can continue like this until the end.”

“I want to say something about the supporters. A team that competes for the title must have supporters like we did in the first 45 minutes. I can’t thank them enough. They need to know we appreciate them. We love them and they love us. Galatasaray fans working together to support the team is nice. It pleases me, them showing their love for me. If we can show them that we are worthy of their support, it would give me great happiness.”.


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