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Fernandao: I celebrate like Hulk for my kids

Fernandao Hulk explanation

Fernandao scored in Saturday’s match against Alanyaspor and was asked about next week’s derby as well as his goal celebration.

Fenerbahce’s Fernandao managed to get himself on the scoresheet this past Saturday and after the goal, he posed for the cameras the same way he’s done a few times before. The Brazilian has done this several times now and it has peaked the interest of fans and viewers alike.

He was asked about it as well as next week’s derby and had the following to say:

“I congratulate the whole team. We knew the importance of the match, and we won. Next week we’ll be in an important match also. We want to be well rested for the Besiktas derby. The match will be difficult. We know the Besiktas matches are always difficult. We will prepare well this week and go on the pitch to win.”

He was asked about his mood after scoring and the striker said, “Whenever I score a goal, I feel happy. I’m a striker and I live for this. Whenever I help my team, it pleases me.”, regarding the matter.

When pressed on the goal celebration motive, he responded; “I do the celebration to for my kids. My kids at home, they do the Hulk impression and so I do it for them. After every goal I score, I will do it.”

The 30-year-old, who has been at Fenerbahce since 2015, has a contract with the club until May 31st 2019.

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