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Trabzonspor players not been paid for months

Trabzon players still not paid

Several Trabzonspor players have not been paid for months, insiders from the club have leaked to the press.

Trabzonspor continues to have financial difficulties as the club’s management ponder their next move. Reports have come out claiming several first-team players have not been paid their wages and bonuses for months at a time.

Some foreign players haven’t received their last 2 months wages while some domestic players are claiming they haven’t been paid for 5-6 months. If that wasn’t bad enough, a few players have claimed they have been given cheques which have not cleared.

Olcay Sahan, Kamil, Ugur, Mustafa and Onur are a few of the players which have made the claims.

Club president Muharrem Usta visited the team as they carried out their training session ahead of their Alanyaspor match tomorrow and promised them they would all receive their wages soon.

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