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Fatih Terim interested in 4 Turks from abroad

Fatih Terim interested in four young stars

Galatsaray’s manager Fatih Terim is closely keeping tabs on four German-born Turkish players currently plying their trade in Germany.

Fatih Terim, who used to be in charge of the first-team duties of the Turkish national team, is interested in four young Turkish players from Germany. The players have been scouted by Terim and his team several times during his tenure as the national team’s manager and he is said to be considering signing some of them for his Galatasaray team.

Suat Sardar (Mainz), Gorkem Saglam (Bochum), Furkan Sagman (Bochum) and Atakan Akkaynak (Bayern Leverkusen) are the players in question. All four are under 20 years of age and have not pledged their future careers to any nation.

Terim has requested regular scout reports on the youngsters as he aims to make changes to his team this summer.

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