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Fatih Terim shoots down transfer rumour reports

Fatih Terim shoots down transfer rumour reports

The Emperor, as he is known in Turkey, addressed the transfer rumours surrounding the Turkish football club.

Fatih Terim has made public statements on Instagram TV (IGTV) regarding the latest rumours about Galatasray’s moves in the summer transfer window.

The experienced coach said the club will start their preparations for the upcoming season earlier than expected, before addressing the press reports.

He mentioned the names linked with the club in recent times such as Milik, Bacca, Imbula, Nuri Sahin and others.

“As you know, the UEFA sanctions are clear and you all know the president’s explanations regarding the transfers. Our hands are tied and we can’t do as we please. But we will do the best we can given the circumstances. I know the player naming season has begun. That being said, I am asking you not to write as if you were sitting next to me, saying that I personally said all the things you write about. I’m thinking about revealing the false reporters next time I address this, to be honest,” he explained.

The Emperor addressing the rumours.

Addressing the specific reports of moves for certain players, he said;

“We work day and night while considering our financial conditions, UEFA criteria, our needs, our team’s goals. I ask of you to wait for us to explain before neglecting our work. We’ll keep you informed as soon as possible. To be honest, some of the names written amuse me. I say to myself ‘Oh, I wish!’.”

“We want to protect the existing group that were champions, if it’s possible. Also, when you look at the number of foreigners we have already, you will see that we do not have room to get many more. Of course, the fans do not consider these things.”‘

“To be honest, when my daughters ask me “Daddy, are you getting him?’ I say ‘I have no idea!’. There’s Milik, Imbula, Bennacer, Nuri Sahin, Bacca…I salute those who write these names. Please be a little faithful, for God’s sake.”

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