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Senol Gunes shuts down resignation rumours

Senol Gunes shuts down resignation rumours

The under-fire coach has hit back at reports claiming he has handed in his resignation.

Besiktas coach Senol Gunes has poured cold water on the reports circulating in Turkey claiming he handed in his resignation following the Besiktas-Fenerbahce derby on Monday.

The experienced coach said the resignation claims are “completely unfounded.”

He addressed the rumours in a lengthy statement which was released on Tuesday.

“After our competitive fixture with Fenerbahce, as usual, I have seen some efforts to create a perception in the public.

“First of all, I would like it to be known that these malicious attempts which I know are scripted and staged will not create an obstacle in my work.

“The allegation that I am considering resigning, which was created by a journalist to create chaos, is an utter lie.

“The same journalist asked me the question after the match but the question was not even serious enough to answer. The main goal of the person asking the question is obvious. I want these lies to be erased from people’s minds, especially our supporters and the public.

And I want them to know that I will continue to provide the truth against those who do not give up their agenda,” he said as he addressed the false claims.

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