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Rizespor president: If I had my gun, I would have…

"If I had a gun, I would have shot him"

The Turkish football club’s president was outraged over the controversial decisions which went against his team on Saturday.

After watching his team lose under controversial terms, which included a penalty kick in the final moments of the game, 3-2 at home against title hopefuls Galatasaray on Saturday, Caykur Rizespor president Hasan Kartal went on a lengthy rant against the referee and the Turkish Football Federation (TFF).

Speaking to reporter after the game, including Turkish media outlet A Spor, Kartal went as far as to say that if he had a gun, he would have shot the referee.

“These rude people, how will they look in the face of a child? Is such a thing possible? Galatasaray is a big club, a big community. They can beat us, they can be crowned champions, it doesn’t matter to us. But why is such a referee, whose a** is broken, doing this to us?”, the club’s president ranted.

“What I saw with my eyes is that there is no penalty. They are playing a game at the expense of Rizespor but Rize is bigger than them,” Kartal continued.

He also said he expects the TFF and the Referee Committee to resign following the controversial performance of referee Serkan Cinar.

“If they are honest people, proud people, with personalities, both, the president of the Federation and the Referee Committee need to resign. Because it seems they can’t do the job. A fish smells from the top, the head is rotten. They cannot continue like this.

“When I see such injustices, I feel upset. Whose federation is this? Is it not a federation for all of the clubs? The federation embraces one club but what is it going to do with the others?” Kartal said as he expressed his anger.

The president called in to national outlet A Spor during which he clarified the gun remarks he made while watching the game at the stadium.

“If I had my gun, I would have shot him. I mean it. Good thing I didn’t have one. If someone had a gun, they would have killed him. We have a very good audience. No one escalated the matter. If it was in another province, things could have ended differently.

Saturday evening’s Super Lig fixture between Caykur Rizespor and Galatasaray ended in a 3-2 win for the away side but was marred by controversy after several referee decisions, including a penalty in the final moments of the game, overshadowed the game itself.

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