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Fernando Muslera hails Fatih Terim as “best coach”

Fernando Muslera hails Fatih Terim as "best coach"

The Uruguay international believes Fatih Terim is the best coach in Turkey.

Galatasaray goalkeeper Fernando Muslera is a huge fan of the club’s coach Fatih Terim and believes he is the best coach in the entire nation.

Less than a week after being crowned Turkish Super Lig champions for a historic 22nd time, pundits and journalists alike have nominated Muslera as one of the club’s most important contributors.

The 32-year-old says Terim is the reason he joined Galatasaray and all of his accomplishments with the team are because of his mentorship.

“I am here thanks to him. He is the only one responsible for my accomplishments with Galatasaray. We are like a father and son. He gives you confidence and is very close with the players. I talk to him not only on matters about football but about my private life. This applies to the other players, too. I have been with Galatasaray while he was coaching here and while he was away. You can really see the difference,” the Uruguay shot-stopper explained.

The experienced goalkeeper joined The Lions from Italy’s Lazio in 2011 and made headlines for a record 10-year contract — a deal that was unheard of in Turkey or elsewhere at the time.

“When I first came here, I told reporters that I want to win as many trophies as we can and today, I am part of a team which has won five league titles, four Cups and four Super Cups. I am very happy. This is the result of teamwork and most importantly, due to Fatih Terim,” he said.

Muslera also reflected on the “political side” of the game, underlining that Galatasaray “lack respect” in Turkey, referring to the criticism the club has received from opposing teams who feel referees are biased in their favour.

“Everyone needs to respect Galatasaray. This is a historic club with a loyal fan base. Galatasaray never gave up in the fight ofr the tile and deserved to win. The team never quit no matter what, even when there was an eight point gap. Galatasaray has potential and quality.”

The veteran goalkeeper finished his reflections on Terim and the team by saying that he hopes for my trophies in the future.

“I only hope that there will be more trophies until my contract expires.”

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