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Mehmet Topal hit with a lighter during derby

Mehmet Topal injured with a lighter during Besiktas-Fenerbahce derby

The heated Istanbul derby between Besiktas and Fenerbahce brought the worst out of Turkish fans today as they injured one of Fener’s players during their 3-1 loss to the Black Eagles.

Fenerbahce’s midfielder Mehmet Topal was struck on the head with a lighter which was thrown from the Besiktas fans. The player was celebrating Fernandao’s goal, which gave his team the lead in the 8th minute of the first-half, with his teammates in near the corner flag of the opposition goal, as majority of players do after scoring.

Fortunately, the lighter did not strike Topal in the eyes but in the forehead, avoiding a potentially serious injury. The player did require a bandage, however, to stop the blood flow.

Topal managed to continue the rest of the match after being cleared by the club’s medical team.

Ricardo Quaresma throws lighter during Istanbul derby

Ricardo Quaresma throws a lighter during Istanbul derby.

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