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Turkish player breaks leg in 1.Lig match

Adana Demirspor defender Sezer Ozmen broke his foot

Sezer Ozmen of Adana Demirspor suffered a broken leg during a challenge against an opposition player in the penalty box.

Adana Demirspor’s defender Sezer Ozmen, who played for French out fit FC Metz at one point in his career, is out for the rest of the season after suffering a horrible injury today.

The unfortunate incident took place in the 20th minute of the match as Giresunspor were attacking in Adana Demirspor’s half.

Ozmen went in to tackle the ball away from advancing Giresunspor player Almeida however the player’s feet became tangled up as Almeida stepped on Ozmen’s lower part of his foot thereby causing the fracture.

The play was stopped immediately and medical staff rushed to the player’s side to assess the damage. After quickly realizing the severity of the injury, they placed him in an ambulance and took him to the hospital for immediate surgery.

Medical staff assessing Sezer Ozmen's broken foot

Medical staff assessing Sezer Ozmen’s broken foot

Adana Demirspor are playing Turkey’s second division and are hopeful of playing in the Super Lig one day.

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