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1.Lig players refuse to train over unpaid wages

Adana Demirspor players boycott training due to unpaid wages

Turkish 1.Lig club Adana Demirspor’s players have released a statement indicating they refuse to train due to unpaid wages.

Adana Demirspor’s players gathered today at the club’s facilities and made a public announcement, stating they refuse to train because none of the players have been paid for over 5 weeks.

Below is the group’s collective statement;

“Five weeks ago, we made a promise to go out to the matches and fulfill our responsibilities as a group of players.However, we have not been given a promise regarding the payment schedule and a guarantee even that we can receive payments. “

“We have fulfilled our promise and responsibilities up until today. We promise to continue to do whatever we can to go out and play for the remaining 7 weeks. But due to the unfortunate circumstances, we are boycotting the camp and training, because the situations remains unchanged and no one has promised us a solution.”

The team thanked the club’s supporters, manager Mustafa Ugur and sporting director Gurcan Aday.

There has been no response from the club’s management so far.

Adana Demirspor are currently in 12th place with 34 points in the 1.Lig.

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