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Valbuena: Turkey deserves EURO 2024

Valbuena: Turkey deserves to host EURO 2024 tournament

Mathieu Valbuena has voiced his support for Turkey’s EURO 2024 tournament hosting bid.

Fenerbahce midfielder Mathieu Valbuena has spoken positively of Turkey’s big to host the Euro 2024 tournament.

Valbuena feels the country is more than ready to host the prestigious international championship and deserves to be chosen as the host ahead of Germany.

“I’ve been playing for Fenerbahce for 1 year. There is a unique ambience. Wherever we go we are supported by fans everywhere. I love the people here, really. They are friendly and hospitable. Turkey’s candidacy is very reasonable. There is everything needed for a great European Championship experience in this country. I hope it takes place here and that Turkey receives the winning vote. All the stadiums are truly stunning. It would be worth it.” the 33-year-old was quoted as saying.

The host of the tournament will be decided in September 2018 by UEFA.

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