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Fenerbahce pay €15.2m to players in back pay

Fenerbahce pay €15m to players in back pay

The club have paid off the remaining debt to its players.

Fenerbahce have paid its players over €15 million in back pay, wages they owed prior to the recent elections, the club said via a statement on its website today.

“We need to address the recent news that have emerged in the press and the public.

On June 3, 2018, when our management was elected after the general assembly, our club had a debt to its football players to the amount of €15.2 million.

After conducting an investigation, we’ve discovered that this debt had predominantly accumulated since March 2018.

Since tackling the matter, our administration has paid all of the oustanding debt to our players.

As of now, our club does not owe money to any of our players.”

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