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Negredo’s transfer details revealed

Negredo's transfer from Besiktas to Al-Nasr

The Spaniard has swapped Istanbul for Dubai two weeks before the end of the transfer window in the UAE.

Alvaro Negredo’s departure from Besiktas has been overshadowed by drama as the details surrounding his transfer have come to light.

The day before the 33-year-old was spotted leaving Istanbul, Besiktas club president Fikret Orman made a public statement saying he “did not receive any offers or make any agreements from Al-Nasr FC.”

This seemed quite strange considering that the president of every football club in Turkey is always involved in every incoming and outgoing transfer.

Sources close to Besiktas have reported that Negredo had decided to leave the club and head to Dubai to undergo a medical exam with his new club without being given permission by the Turkish club.

On the day of the player’s departure, after being informed by reporters that Alvaro Negredo is at the airport leaving Istanbul, president Orman was seen on live television claiming he “did not know” about the player’s presence at the airport.

Upon hearing the news, the club’s administration immediately sent an official, Erdinc Gultekin, to intercept the player before he boarded his flight in order to sign a “release transfer agreement”.

Alvaro signing his release paperwork.

It has been reported that after a fall out with the club’s administration, Negredo had taken it upon himself to travel to Dubai and put an end to his time in Istanbul.

Upon consulting with his Spanish lawyer, he was told that he was “free to leave the club” if he was not paid his wages on time, as per the laws.

He gave a short explanation at the airport before proceeding to his flight’s boarding gate.

“Thank you to all. The situation is complicated for the club, for me. This decision is better for all. I love Besiktas, I love the city, the club. But football is…this moment is complicated.”

“I will miss Besiktas. The country is very beautiful. My family and I are very happy here. But like I said, in football, one day you’re here, one day in another country.”

“Senol is a good manager. He is a good person. There was never a problem with the coach. The problem is economical with the club. This situation is difficult for all, for the club, for me. For the moment, it’s not good,”

To avoid any further legal dispute, Besiktas have reached an agreement with Al-Nasr for a transfer fee of €1 million for the player.

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