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Arda Turan interrogated by police

Arda Turan interrogated by Istanbul police

The drama surrounding Arda continues, with the latest involving a potentially unlicensed gun.

Turkish football player Arda Turan has been accused of sexually harassing a woman before headbutting her pop singer husband Berkay in the latest scandal surrounding the former Barcelona FC player.

The attacking midfielder, who is currently playing for Istanbul Baaksehir, testified to the police on October 11 after he broke the nose of pop singer Berkay at a night club in Istanbul the previous day.

On her social media accounts, Berkay’s wife Ozlem Sahin said Turan had harassed her in the night club with sexually suggestive remarks and headbutted her husband during the ensuing fight.

Turan was also accused of going to the hospital where Berkay went for treatment and fired his gun there.

The circumstances in which the conversations at the club and in the hospital, as well as the gun shot, took place remain unclear amid the ongoing criminal investigation.

Police interrogated Turan for three hours on Oct. 11 and the footballer claimed he fought with Berkay but did not harass his wife.

Arda coming out of the police station after being interrogated.

“I then went to the hospital and gave my gun to Berkay. I told him to kill me if he believes in the allegation that I harassed his wife. He said he believed me. The gun was accidentally shot when I took it back,” Turan was quoted as saying to the police.

The footballer was released but his gun was seized by the police.

Reports in Turkey that are suggesting the gun was not licensed could not be immediately verified.

Meanwhile, Sahin told the media she would stand by her accusations.

Legal experts say Turan could be jailed as long as 15 years, if convicted on all possible charges in the case.

Turan’s own wife, who has been pregnant for 8.5 months, said she stood by her husband despite allegations.

This is not the first time the footballer is under fire for erratic behavior amid his colourful night life.

Besides widely-criticized red cards that he received in his career, Arda was also slammed off the pitch several times.

He was previously blasted for assaulting teammates and opponents, security personnel, a senior journalist, as well as threatening referees and fans, while insulting trainers and club managers.

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