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Gerard Pique impressed by Trabzonspor’s jersey promo

Gerard Pique impressed by Trabzonspor's jersey promo

The Spanish defender heaped praise on the Turkish club’s emotional video which revealed their new jersey for the upcoming season.

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is known for his strong defensive abilities but he, too, has a soft side to him it seems. The Spaniard shared and praised Trabzonspor for their emotional video which revealed the club’s new jersey for the upcoming 2019-2020 Super Lig season last week.

In the video, a young boy watches on as his friends with football jerseys kick a ball around but he is left out as he does not have a jersey to play with. Seeing this, his mother sews a shirt making it look like a Trabzonspor jersey so that her son can join his friends for a game of football.

The 32-year-old defender re-tweeted the video on his official Twitter account and praised Trabzonspor for their short clip.

“If you love football and have played in the street, tears will pour in. Wonderful!” he tweeted in Spanish.

After seeing Pique’s tweet, Trabzonspor responded to the defender by promising to send him and his family a jersey as a gift.

“Thanks Pique! we will send a gray shirt of ours to you and your dear family. Greetings from garnet blue Trabzonspor to blaugrana Barcelona!” the Turkish football club tweeted in response to his praise.

On Monday, both Pique and FC Barcelona thanked Trabzonspor for the kind gesture on their Twitter accounts.

“Tesekkur ederim!” Pique tweeted, which means “thank you” in Turkish.

FC Barcelona, on the other hand, also chimed in on Monday with a tweet of their own, thanking Trabzonspor for their gesture.

“From one blaugrana club to another.” the La Liga club tweeted to Trabzonspor.

The emotional video has gone viral in Turkey since going live last week, with over 10 million views thus far.

The club are also reported to have sold 15,000 jerseys in the first 24 hours the new uniforms went on sale.

Watch the video below:

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