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Fabri: We don’t have a Messi or Ronaldo

Fabri: No Messi or Ronaldo in our team

Besiktas goalkeeper Fabri: “We don’t have a Messi or Ronaldo in our team.”

Fabri, the Eagles’s goalkeeper, gave an interview with UEFA on their website speaking about the upcoming match with Bayern Munich and had some interesting thoughts to share.

“Nobody is better than anyone in our club, we are all equal.”, said the Spaniard. “Our team doesn’t have star players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi but we all help each other as a team and this is how it is.” he added.

He expressed his desire that he would like to represent the Spanish national team one day.

Fabri, who’s full name is Fabricio Agosto Ramirez, also said; “I’m trying to speak Turkish but after a few words, I can’t anymore. I don’t know enough to communicate but I definitely have to learn more.”.


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