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Besiktas coach: Turkey has an education problem

Besiktas coach: Turkey has an education problem - at My Master Game Plan event

The newly appointed Besiktas coach says the country is lacking in education and organization when it comes to football.

Besiktas coach Abdullah Avci made some interesting remarks during his participation in the recently held football education event in Istanbul by Turkish midfielder Nuri Sahin called “Nuri Sahin: My Master Game Plan.”

According to Avci, he feels the country is lacking not in talent but in education, training and organization of professoinal players.

“We do not have a talent shortage in Turkey. The problem is related to the education and organization. Look at the German national team. The most talented player is Turkish. Why? Because the system in Germany is very good. In Germany, schools and clubs are integrated. Even a 9-year-old child knows how to feed himself there. Even if all of the children are footballers, they continue their education. There is also an order, socio-economically. In addition to sports education, children are given vocational education. If they cannot become a footballer, they go into a different profession. If we could set a standard such as the one in Germany, we would be at a much better place,” explained Avci during the event which was held from June 21 to June 22 at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Nuri Sahin, a former Real Madrid midfielder, shared Avci’s sentiments and said the issues will be addressed in his football academy which focuses on training young players, called Nuri Sahin Academy.